BMW Remap Guide

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If you own a BMW then you’ll want to get the best level of performance from it. There are a few ways you can do this but one of the best and most economical is ECU remapping. A cars ECU (Engine Control Unit) is responsible for monitoring the performance of different aspects of the engine. The ECU itself is controlled by a software program that will dictate what the engine’s maximum performance levels are. Remapping the software that controls the ECU is what a BMW remap is all about. You might be wondering why a car’s ECU software wouldn’t be set to let the engine perform at its maximum right from the start and this is an excellent question.

When cars come off the factory line, the level of performance of the engine is set for is dictated by the climate and pollution laws of the country it’s manufactured in. For this reason when the car gets to the country it’s being sold in, it isn’t necessarily performing at its best. This is why many people like to get ECU remapping carried out on their car. The great thing about ECU remapping is that it increases the performance of your car without having to upgrade completely. ECU remapping is a fairly simple procedure in most cases but it’s always recommended to go to a reputable garage so the work can be carried out by professionals.

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Engine Tuning and How it Can Benefit You

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Engine tuning is often considered to be something that’s reserved for race car drivers or motorheads but the truth is that engine tuning can benefit almost anyone who wants to get a better level of performance from their car. Since many people nowadays are finding things difficult financially, many people will choose to upgrade their current vehicle instead of upgrading to a new car altogether. Engine tuning is one of the best ways to improve a cars performance without having to spend extortionate amounts of money. If you have an older car then they’ll almost certainly be adjustments that can be made to the engine to improve its performance.

Do I Need Engine Tuning?

The truth is that no one absolutely needs engine tuning, the question is whether or not it can benefit you. The best way to know whether your car could benefit from engine tuning is to take it to a reputable garage and ask them to look at the engine. Some cars will be more suited to getting engine tuning than others so it’s essential to have an expert take a closer look. By tuning the engine of your car you should notice a good improvement in your cars performance. Engine tuning usually doesn’t cost a huge amount of money, especially when compared to upgrading to a new car. You should do your research and try to find a good reputable local garage who can carry out the work for you.

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Getting a Car Remap

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If you’ve heard of car remapping and are not entirely sure what it entails then you should find this post of great value. To fully understand remapping it’s important to know how modern cars are constructed. Whilst modern cars still run through the use of an engine, the way the engine operates is controlled through the chips and software programs. The part of the car that’s responsible for monitoring the engine’s overall performance is the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU is monitors and controls things like the torque, choke and airflow of the engine. Remapping works by overwriting the software program that controls the ECU to allow for better performance.

When cars first come off the factory line they are set to a level of performance that’s appropriate for the climate and pollution laws of the country they’re manufactured in. This means that they are set to a moderate level of performance rather than a level that allows the car to perform to its maximum capabilities.

Do I Need a Car Remap

If you’re considering getting a car remap but are not entirely certain if you should then you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. Firstly how important performance is to you should be a big determining factor. If you’re happy with your car’s performance then a remap may not be necessary although in most cases remapping has a very noticeable difference on all round performance. Another thing you need to consider is the budget you have available. Remapping isn’t prohibitively expensive for most people but it still costs money and should only be done if it’s desired.

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ECU Remap Guide

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Modern cars have a surprising number of electrical components in them. When most people think of electricity as it pertains to motor vehicles they’ll think of electric windows or the car stereo but the truth is that even the most fundamental parts of modern cars are now controlled by computers and software. The engine is the heart of a car and even this is regulated by software – more specifically the ECU. ECU is the engines management system and regulates things such as airflow, crank and throttle.

How Remapping Works

ECU remapping is where the software that controls the engine is fine tuned for better performance. There are many companies who specialize in remapping so you won’t have a problem finding someone to remap your car. The reason most people will get their engine remapped is so they can get better overall performance. The kind of improvements you can expect when getting your engine remapped come from the power and torque of the engine. You can also often save on fuel as a result of remapping.

Should I Get an ECU Remap

Whether or not you choose to have your vehicle remapped depends on how important the performance of your car is to you. If you’re the type of person who merely sees your car as a way to get from point A to point B then maybe you won’t be as concerned about ECU remapping. If however you’re the sort of person who loves to work on your car and get it to peak condition then remapping can prove a great improvement to your vehicle’s overall performance.

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Car Remapping – What You Need to Know

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You may have heard of car remapping before but are not sure what exactly it is or why you’d want to have it done. To understand remapping you must be aware that all modern cars are now largely controlled by computer software that regulates the engine’s performance. The ECU (Engine Control Unit) is responsible for monitoring the performance of the engine including torque, choke and airflow. The software program that controls the ECU is where remapping comes into play.

The software that sets the levels of performance the engine is capable is set in the factory when the car is assembled. Almost all cars are set for a level of performance that’s below maximum. This is due to different climates and pollution laws that exist in the country the car was manufactured. For this reason it’s often the case that your car will be performing below what it’s capable of. Car remapping is where the software that controls the ECU is overwritten with a program that allows the engine to perform to its capacity. This results in greater overall performance and sometimes allows fuel consumption to be more efficient.

Chip tuning is another type of engine modification that many people now have done. It works in a similar way to remapping but instead of the ECU software being modified, the EPROM is edited to allow for greater performance, lower fuel consumption and more engine power. Both car remapping and chip tuning are great economical ways of improving your car’s overall performance without having to spend a huge amount of money. With the poor economy many people are now opting for these types of modifications instead of upgrading to a new vehicle.

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Chip Tuning For Cars

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Many people still thinking of cars as being primarily mechanical devices but with the advancement of technology they are ever-increasingly becoming electronic machines. Whilst cars still operate through the use of an engine, the engines performance is controlled more and more by chips. Because components of the car are controlled electronically through the use of chips, it’s possible to alter the performance of a car by tuning the chips within it.Chip tuning has become very popular amongst car owners in the last few years.

The reason for this is that due to the poor economy, many people now simply cannot afford to upgrade to a whole new car so instead will opt for altering the one they have. What’s great about chip tuning is that it increases the car’s performance without the need to spend a lot of money. Many engine chips are now possibly to install within a matter of minutes so they’re an ideal solution for those who are looking to get the most of the car without having to break the bank.

How Chip Tuning Works

The way chip tuning works is by modifying the data that’s stored on the EPROM chip of a car. EPROM stands for Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. The data that’s on the EPROM chip will determine the level that the engine performs at. When cars are manufactured they are designed to perform within certain parameters so they can comply with the law. By overwriting the data on the EPROM chip with a new programme you’re able to get a much higher level of performance from your car as there are no limitations. Chip tuning can even save you money on fuel, especially when the original programme on the EPROM chip is designed for fuel consumption. Overall chip tuning is a great way to improve a car’s performance.

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Diesel Tuning Explained

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Diesel tuning has actually become much more popular since the recession hit. The reason for this is that many people are now looking to improve their existing car since they cannot afford to upgrade. Diesel tuning boxes provide an ideal solution for people who are looking to get greater performance from their car without spending an arm and a leg. The idea of tuning boxes is to improve the power and torque of the engine. They do this by modifying the signal sent by the fuel pressure sensor and then sending the modified signal to the ECU. This enables the car to perform more efficiently and gives a more enjoyable ride.

Many modern diesel tuning boxes are able to installed by the user in a matter of minutes although some people will prefer to get them installed at a garage for safety reasons. Diesel tuning boxes are typically very affordable and are an excellent alternative to getting a new car entirely. Another added bonus of getting a diesel tuning box is that they often save you money on petrol. Since they work to increase the efficiency of your engine, this means that less petrol is being used. In practical terms, the people who save the most on petrol when using a tuning box are those who use the torque of the engine the most. Drivers who are already cautious and economical in the way they drive will see the least benefits in terms of MPG. Overall diesel tuning boxes are a fantastic way to give your car a boost and make it feel like new again.

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BMW 116d Has Amazing Tuning Potential

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You will be very interested to know this smallish vehicle has a very interesting response when a re-map is introduced.

Restricted is an understatement ! Plus 55 bhp plus 75 lbs ft of torque is available from these vehicles. The before and after drive is very noticeable. If there’s a small engines diesel that should be remapped this is it !

We have three stages of tune available catering for customers who have different needs ie. performance economy or towing.

Whilst performance is transformed economy also benefits from this process…a welcome addition with fuel prices at an all time high.

We have the perfect balance between quality and price…call us now for more information on 0844 812 0036.

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Ducati, Gilera, BMW, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Moto Morini and MV Augusta Genuine ECU Remaps

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The above are now motorbikes that can benefit from a prestige ECU enhancement.  No bolt on items etc. but by allowing access to the bikes resident ECU, it allows changes to be made to all the parameters that the unit controls and in turn taps into the tuning potential that it has.

Cars have been benefiting from this tuning practice for years – now you and your bike can!

Throttle response, mid range torque and of course more power and performance are all there to be had….call us on 0844 812 0036 for advice or a  free no obligation quote.

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Latest – DPF Removal by APR-re-maps – the correct way!

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Removal of your vehicles FAP Filter/DPF is quite simple and costs far less than the price of a new replacement – approx. £1000+ then on top fitting!   Our removal costs much less than the price of a  brand new replacement high quality item which are typically around the £1000 plus mark! Plus on top of this there is fitting plus potentially damaged sensors etc !

On the Mazda 6  2.0 Td you will not get  much change out of £3000!

The benefits? Read more…

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